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University of California, Berkeley: Graduate Student Instructor
Spring 2019 R1B Embodied Knowledge(s)
Fall 2018 R1A Decolonial Options for Theories of Knowledge I
Spring 2017R1A Rhetoric of the Senses (Solo)
Fall 2016 R103A Approaches & Paradigms in the History of Rhetoric (TA)
Spring 2016R1A Rhetoric of the Body (Co-instructor)
Fall 2015R1B Rhetoric of New Media (Co-instructor)

University of California, Irvine Graduate Instructor
Winter 2013 Art 40 Basic Sculpture

University of California, Irvine: Teaching Assistant
Fall 2012 Art 9A Art and Technology Instructor: Prof. Simon Penny
Summer 2012 Art 40 Basic Sculpture Instructor: Matt Ulrich
Spring 2012 Art 40 Basic SculptureInstructor: Yaron M. Hakim
Fall 2011 Art 9C Basic SculptureInstructor: Prof. David Trend
Spring 2011 Art 9A Everyday CultureInstructor: Prof. David Trend
Winter 2011 Art 1C Modernism and PerformanceInstructor: Alexis Disselkoen